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Have You Noticed Yourself Feeling:

• Anxious or worried

• Uneasy due to future uncertainty

• That it's difficult to manage all the changes

• At a loss for your best self

• Afraid of what challenges might arise next

• Depressed and isolated

• Frustrated that the same problems keep coming back over & over

STRESS is on the Rise!

The Stress in America survey results show:

• More than 60% adults report that their stress levels increased over the past year.

• A direct correlation between an increase in stress-related symptoms and poor health

More than 80% of doctor visits are due to stress.

“Stress is the new ‘normal’" - The Huffington Post

Learn this innovative, amazing and efficient stress-relief technique to overcome anxiety, return to center and come to peace.


• An opportunity to pull the plug on stressful thoughts and memories

• More relief from stress & trauma than meditation or mindfulness

• Cutting-edge psycho-technologies to regain mind-body health and stabilize well-being

• Unprecedented boost to health & lasting well-being

Restoring health and returning to peace is only a few taps away!

TAP FOR JOY Utilizes:

• Eutaptics (Faster EFT Tapping Method)

• Happy Memory Journals

• Goal Setting

• Progress Report

• Social Media Interaction

• Video Tutorials

• Customized support from practitioners

Powerful Transformation is at Your Fingertips!

TAP FOR JOY helps you return to calm after an upset. It offers instant access to a cutting-edge mind-technology called Eutaptics (Faster EFT tapping), that very quickly restores equanimity following events of stress or trauma. It is accessible- Tap For Joy is in your pocket, on your phone. It is easy to use- it offers a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to TAP FOR JOY so you can return to “center” when you come up against the hard knocks of life.

With TAP FOR JOY you can train your brain for happiness utilizing one of its main features: Your Happy Memory Journal. Here, you’ll reflect on your life’s happy memories, add your unique narrative, favorite poems and quotes along with your photos. Reviewing these happy memories brings about an overall positive state of mind and sets the conditions for your whole self to effortlessly sustain happiness.

When people are asked about their experience with Tap For Joy, they usually report things like:

• My mind was somehow set free

• My body felt so energized

• I had an authentic sense of empowerment

• My heart felt expanded and I remembered real happiness

• I’m enjoying a growing sense of ease in life and freedom from past trauma

• I love that I’m more resilient and content

Tap for Joy is also a source of hope for a better life, of personal development in the direction of full awakening to your innate greatness. Tappers often say, “I don’t get it, but this Tap For Joy thing really works! It’s fun! I can’t wait to tell my peeps about Tap For Joy!”

How it Works

Tap For Joy brings the effectiveness of Eutaptics, (previously named Faster EFT,) to your pocket or pocketbook. This easy-to-use phone app is adapted from Eutaptics, invented by the brilliant Robert Smith, who combined The Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT, with hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming/NLP. Utilizing ancient Chinese acupressure and cutting-edge modern psychology, Tap For Joy will help your brain rewire itself.

“Tapping” involves using two fingers that lightly press a few places around the eye while repeating a few simple phrases. As you tap, you give your body the signal to relax. The result is that the stress in "stressful thoughts" significantly decreases, generating less anxiety, overwhelm or other difficult emotions. Tap For Joy is a natural way you can unplug the stress on stressful memories, return to center, and increase happiness. It is truly amazing!

TAP FOR JOY is Getting Results!

“I feel amazing! For a few days afterward our Tap For Joy session, many difficult memories kept surfacing. But I just kept letting them go, letting all the old baggage go. Now I’m feeling so free! Yeah!”

Therese G., Administrative Nurse

“After my husband died I kept returning to thoughts of what had been difficult about that Journey. I felt sad mad and scared. After working with Peggy, my nervous system was calmer and my thoughts could focus on the Beautiful Things, and the love, that had also been a part of his passing. I'm grateful for this work and for the tenderness that Peggy brought to my rawness.”

Lydia G.

“Overwhelmed with guilt and sadness and suffering from PTSD, I sought Peggy's help after hearing her sterling interview on a podcast, "A Climb to The Top." Peggy guided me through the darkest moments in my life. With her unique techniques, including Tap For Joy, she helped me lift the burden that dragged my spirit. Today, I feel mentally ready for the New Year and open to new opportunities.”

Valeria N, Entrepreneur

“Before working with Peggy, I felt an immense false sense of responsibility for people in my life. The weight of the world was on my shoulders, and I spent much mental and emotional energy worrying about them. Since doing a few tapping sessions with Peggy, I’ve noticed DRAMATIC shifts in this sense of responsibility. It simply isn’t there. Woohoo! I’m able to watch these same people make their own life choices without feeling worried them. It has been liberating, to say the least.”

Christin M., Transformational Coach

“I was amazed at some of the breakthroughs we got to, as well as understanding the underlying source of my issues; and so quickly! I found the Tap For Joy sessions with you very efficient.”

Marshall D., Doctor of Acupuncture student

“Before working with Peggy, I had childhood issues which made handling unfamiliar or difficult situations overwhelming. In just 2 Tap For Joy sessions with Peggy, I transformed my perceptions in a major life-changing way! I now use Tap For Joy to effectively neutralize those negative feelings, and will be forever grateful. Peggy has been a catalyst for helping to free me from a burden that no longer plagues me.”

Kathie L.

“There were problems I had cognitively resolved years ago, but I was still carrying around the residue physically, and it was effecting my health. Peggy was wonderful in helping me recognize and release the tension from my body. I’m feeling so much better now, freer! I treasure the time we’ve spent together.”

Draeleen G.

“Peggy has supported me in some major healing around my Mom. I know that has opened my heart to LOVE more, and I’ve been able to release many negative feelings I’ve was holding on to. For me, the Tap For Joy sessions with Peggy were enlightening, moving, healing, tough in parts, but a good tough. I feel our work together has touched me deeply and has activated transformations on my levels!”

Katheleen R., Entrepreneur

Meet Peggy

From the soaring height of 3’8”, award-winning speaker and author Peggy O’Neill is an unstoppable advocate for positive living. She has triumphed over a mountain range of challenges and claims: “It’s possible to break free from the chains of a difficult past!! If I can do it, anyone can!”

In over 40 years of deep engagement with the personal development movement, Peggy has become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a certified Hakomi psychotherapist, a certified Faster EFT/Eutaptics practitioner, and a rigorous student of trauma resolution and the Diamond Approach.

Over the past 20 years, Peggy has been working as a keynote speaker, corporate diversity trainer, coach, and has authored 6 books. In the corporate world, Peggy’s known as an inclusion and empowerment strategist. She teaches people in business to build resiliency, to develop empathy, to celebrate diversity and other related topics. She especially enjoys empowering women and people in minorities to speak up, to be bold, brilliant, and risk-taking so they can contribute their greatness and prosper. Additionally, she has us inspired over 100,000 young students in anti-bullying practices and building self-esteem.

FedEx co-founder, Frank Maguire says “Peggy O’Neill is the messenger and the message. She will change your life!”

Peggy elicits positive change wherever she goes. She says, “I love my work! I love seeing people wake up to their innate greatness, being kinder to themselves and others, transforming from the inside-out, and most of all, creating the lives they’ve only dreamt of!” She celebrates her daily life in Ojai, CA, a small town near Santa Barbara. You can find out more about her speaking services at (Image: Peggy on the cover of Speaker Magazine.)

What You'll Find Inside the TAP FOR JOY App


Experience the Tap For Joy process, step-by-step, "tap" on difficult memories and retrain your brain for more happiness.


Your Happy Memories Journal will become a treasured collection of writings and photos of your life's Happy Memories, so you can review, enjoy and share them frequently, get uplifted and retrain your brain to more happiness.


Review a log of past tapping sessions to track progress, and set reminders to tap regularly.


Chart you progress over time as you review your past tapping session markers.


• JOIN THE 14-DAY CHALLENGE and soar! Curious if Tap For Joy really works? Find out by diving in! Commit to daily practice for 2 weeks, get support and more understanding, and experience first-hand how this amazing technology can change your brain and change your life!

• WATCH VIDEOS – Learn more about how Tap For Joy works, how rewiring your brain your brain is possible, how you can reduce stress and anxiety quickly, and create the life of your dreams.

• GET SUPPORT Got heavy issues? Go trauma? Want freedom from all that? Give yourself the gift of getting one-on-one support from a Eutaptics/Faster EFT/ practitioner. Click here!

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