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You’ve probably experienced the TAP FOR JOY app by now. And noticed, that in just a few minutes, anxiety slipped away, and a gentle sense of relief rose up inside you.

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Powerful transformation is now at your fingertips!

The TAP FOR JOY 5-DAY CHALLENGE is your chance to apply yourself to a process that can significantly shift you and your life - where you can gain the ability to break free from the confines of stress, illness and suffering, and step into a whole new life and way of being.

By joining the 5-DAY CHALLENGE, you are giving yourself the gift and the opportunity to experience self-restoration, deep transformation and real awakening.

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Building any new skill takes time and practice, as we know. The TAP FOR JOY 5-DAY CHALLENGE is designed to support you in practicing regularly so you can reap the many benefits of this mighty-little app, quicken your journey towards better physical and mental health, and fully blossoming into your True Essential Awesome Self.

“There were problems I had resolved in my mind years ago, but I was still carrying around the residue physically, and it was effecting my health.

Using TAP FOR JOY helped me recognize and release the tension from my body. I’m feeling so much better now! Free!” - Draeleen G

Stress is Taking a Toll!

We’ve all felt it. Stress is on the rise - at work, at home, and in our communities! And the pandemic certainly hasn’t helped! A 2020 survey reveals that 78% of Americans adults say the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly raised their stress levels.

Being under constant pressure, whether due to a pandemic, uncertainty, a heavy work load, or even a volatile relationship, can have damaging effects on the body and mind.

No One is Immune!

Stress left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Regardless of age, sex, ethnicity and religion, no one is immune to the burdens of stress.

It’s Time for Us All to be Proactive About Reducing Stress!

Now more than ever, it’s vitally important to have effective tools that will help you ward off the accumulation of rising stress, and deal with life’s challenges in a healthier way. 

TAP FOR JOY is such a tool.

And the 5-DAY CHALLENGE will help you optimize your results.

“Keeping stress at a manageable level is important for your overall well-being.” - Elizabeth Scott, PhD

How Can the 5-DAY CHALLENGE Help Me?

Scientific research has found that tapping is more effective than meditation in reducing stress and resolving trauma.

TAP FOR JOY can also help you:

“Since doing TAP FOR JOY personal sessions, I’ve noticed DRAMATIC shifts in my burdening sense of responsibility for others.

Now, it simply isn’t there. It has been liberating, to say the least!!” - Christin M.

Is “Tapping” the Same as TAP FOR JOY?

When people in the wellness community talk about “tapping”, they’re usually referring to the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) founded by Gary Craig in the 1990’s. However, TAP FOR JOY is a phone application that puts to use a newer form of tapping called Eutaptics, formerly known as Faster EFT, founded by Robert Smith in 2010.

Eutaptics is a “new and improved” form of tapping as it’s easier to use, involves far fewer tapping points, and provides super-fast results. The benefits of Eutaptics tapping are lasting because it works with the subconscious and unconscious mind through the added psycho-technologies of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), somatic experience and hypnotherapy.

“Eutaptics Tapping is ‘super learning’ as we are bypassing the conscious mind to update the hard drive of the mind.

Through tapping we change the filter through which we experience the world. We no longer operate as a victim, from suppression of self.” - Darene Putergill, Eutaptics practitioner

Robert Peters, renown hypnotist and psychotherapist said, “Faster EFT is the most elegant change process I have found.”

How TAP FOR JOY Was Born

“I was literally astounded as I watched a Eutaptics/Faster EFT practitioner bring my weeping roommate, in the middle of an emotional breakdown, to complete peace in less than five minutes.

I looked at her and said, ‘I’ve been a therapist for decades, and I’ve never seen anything like this. What the heck was that?’ She said, ‘It’s called, Faster EFT.’

‘You mean the Emotional Freedom Technique?’, I said. ‘No’, she replied. ‘It’s a new and improved form of EFT Tapping, created by Robert Smith! He calls it ‘Faster EFT’ because it’s ‘fast’, as you can see!’” – Peggy O’Neill, TAP FOR JOY Founder

“Doing TAP FOR JOY with Peggy was tough in parts, but a good tough. We did some major healing around my Mom! It helped me open my heart to LOVE more.

And, helped me release a bunch of unconscious negative feelings that were weighing me down. I was touched deeply and significantly transformed.” - Kathleen Ronald, Entrepreneur

What Will I Get Out of the5-DAY CHALLENGE?

During the 5-DAY CHALLENGE you will:

• Retrain your brain for happiness

• Learn how to maximize your results using your TAP FOR JOY App

• Experience deep transformation, resolving many difficult memories

• Develop a self-care practice that will support you in transforming your life so you can fulfill your dreams

What Does it Require?

Each day in the 5-DAY CHALLENGE you’ll be:

• Watching a brief video (10 min.)

• Resolving deep rooted stress by doing a TAP FOR JOY session (5 - 7 min.)

• Integrating your experiences with exercises and journal writing (5-10 min.)

• So, all you need is your phone with the TAP FOR JOY app, and about 15 - 20 minutes a day for five consecutive days.

“Peggy worked with me on a very difficult family relationship just before I went back home. It made a huge difference in my visit.! All went very well. I’d be happy to recommend Peggy’s TAP FOR JOY work to my friends and clients.”- Susan S., Insurance Agency Owner

What Will I Be Learning?

During the 5 days, we’ll be delving into these illuminating topics:

• Reclaiming your birthright: Happiness

• Maximizing your benefits with regularity of practice

• The magic of neuroplasticity

• Rewiring your brain for more joy and ease

• Becoming the master of your life

• Embarking on the path to WHOLENESS

You’ll also be learning how to best utilize the powerful features within the TAP FOR JOY App to optimize your results.

TAP FOR JOY Features: A Guided Tutorial, A Happy Memory Journal, A Learning Center, A Log, A Reminder Function, Customized Intention Tapping Dialogues, The 5-Day Challenge

“When you join the 5-Day Challenge, you’ll become a T4J member, and have access to the app’s Advanced Features: Custom Tapping Dialogs, The Happy Memory Journal, and The Learning Center.

“I was amazed at some of the breakthroughs we got to, as well as understanding the underlying source of my issues; and so quickly! I found my sessions with Peggy very efficient.”- Marshall Dennen, Acupuncturist

Who Will be my Guide on the TAP FOR JOY 5-DAY CHALLENGE?

Peggy O’Neill, founder of TAP FOR JOY.

Certified in Faster EFT/Eutaptics, Hakomi psychotherapy, Yoga Breathing, a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and 20+ years a fervent student of the Diamond Approach, Peggy brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to support others in overcoming their challenges, both inner and outer.

She has been radically proactive about her personal and spiritual transformation throughout the past 4 decades, experiencing the depths of despair and the heights of inner-bliss and freedom. She is highly equipped to support others on their journey of deep transformation, healing and awakening.

Peggy has had the unique opportunity of developing great wisdom and many skills while overcoming countless life, business and relationship challenges from the whopping height of 3’8.

Peggy has supported individuals and businesses such as Chase Bank, Texaco, FEMA, and many others in triumphing over their challenges, building resiliency, inclusion, empathy and empowerment.

“My time with Peggy is always transformative! Her ability to guide the process is unique, and so effective because she brings the knowledge of the many different healing techniques she has learned.” – Siama

“I feel amazing! For a few days after our Tap For Joy session, many difficult memories kept surfacing. But I just kept letting them go, letting all the old baggage go. Now I’m feeling so free! Yea!” - Therese G.

Raves for TAP FOR JOY


“I woke up feeling stressed and ‘behind the eight ball’, and used TAP FOR JOY. Afterwards, I felt so much better. The tension disappeared from my mind and body. I felt relieved, energized and ready to have a fabulous day.”- Karen A.


“I was very skeptical when starting out, but was completely surprised after a little practice. It’s hard to believe that something so simple could be so effective. I highly recommend this app if you want to learn a quick and easy way to release stress!” - Asher F.


“I had a stressful memory that I could not get out of my mind. Using this app, not only did the stress go away, but when the memory comes up there’s no longer a charge to it. Tap For Joy is truly amazing!” -Debra P.


“The first time I ever used tapping, I fell in love with the technique but I am a person who needs either a group or someone to lead me step-by-step. Since I didn’t have that, I stopped tapping.

Now, I do it every day with this app. It is so intuitive and easy to follow and Peggy is the ‘someone’ I needed. This app has made a huge difference in my life! Thanks!” - Ben R.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect When I Finish the TAP FOR JOY 5-DAY CHALLENGE?

• Our body gets healthier

• Our immune system is boosted

• We prevent disease

• Our mind & memory gets clearer, sharper

• Our heart becomes lighter & more joyful

• Our relationships become free of drama

• We relate to others with more ease, meaning, and authenticity

• We become more attuned to others, to nature, and our True Self

• We gain greater access to our true essential nature & the ability to express it.

• Worry, loneliness & despair simply melt away

• Our beautiful qualities grow and expand

• Our whole life exudes more peace, joy and success

The 5-Day Challenge will put you on a trajectory where your personal transformation will catapult, blossom and expand!

When we reduce stress, every aspect of our lives gets better!

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